Target Group: Services render to Aged people who are suffering without food, clothes, Medical Care/neglected by their kith & kin without considering place, caste, and creed.
IntroductionPastor. Buli Veerraju was on Gospel Work visiting Nayakampalli and other nearby villages. He observed some old women appear on the street with a bowl for begging. He moved with compassion and enquired the background of the old age women. They informed that they were very happy in the fast days. 

They became and remain as baggers because of negligence by their kith & kin. Some die in the corners of the street without proper clothing. The love of Jesus Christ constrained him and started old age homes for giving food, shelter, medicine, affection in those sunset years. Some of them determine not to go their native place and to stay, live and die here only.

Strategy Approached

Accommodation: We provide spacious living rooms, western type toilets, bathrooms, cots & beds, and adequate 24 hours electricity and water facilities.

Physical care: Provide nutritious food, seasonal clothes to keep their body worm, blankets, towels, rugs, pillow and mosquito nets, soaps and financial help to meet their personal needs.

Medical care: A doctor and two nurses render the services round the clock. Regular medical check-up records maintain. Tablets, tonics, provide. Supplementary food provides on the advice of the doctors.

Spiritual & Ethical values: The life and achievements of the heroes are thought. Prayers conduct both morning and evening. Bibles and hymn books provide. Led them to a strong foundation in spiritual life.

An intervention of physiotherapy and corrective surgeries: Generally aged people face joint, muscle pains. On the advice of the orthopedic corrective surgeries conduct, physio-therapy provides, make them walk/act.

Ophthalmic care & Vision appliances: Generally old age people face vision deformities like cataracts etc., conduct cataract operations and provide spectacles.

Recreation: Once in a year conduct picnic and recreation programs.

Funeral service: Old age women totally neglected by their kith and kin happen to die in their sunset years respectfully perform their burial and funeral services by OURFATHERHOME MINISTRIES family.