About us

What is today known as OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES came into being in 2010.. In the month of July, it was the profound desire of the Gandham Buli Veerraju the president of the OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES. after his Graduation from theological seminary having a fiery zeal in reaching the unreached and burdened for training the laymen and disciplining the dedicated people for the evangelization and to help the poor and needy in the society through the OUR FATHERS HOME MINISTRIES, Before it came into being, from 1994 onwards

he served in different places, on different capacities mainly in training the men and women for the evangelization and ministerial purpose in India and helped many to plant many churches in plains and in tribal areas and constructed churches for the glory of God, but his heart desire is not satisfied, so having more burden and vision for the lost souls he and his co-brethren, started the OUR FATHERS HOME MINISTRIES for reaching the unreached for Christ.

Today through the OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES, the theological training is being imparted in many places, many lay pastors and dedicated young men and women are getting training, the trained men and women are fully engaged in Evangelism, church planting, and many pasturing churches. not only that, but we also taking care of helpless orphans and widows whom we come across in our ministry in rural and tribal areas, the first and foremost goal and aim of the OUR FATHERS HOME MINISTRIES, are reaching the India for Christ ,and to bring spiritual maturity ,unity and social development and equity and equality in the society.


we are first baptist church, evangelical, faith-based indigenous ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India. which is restoring the church to the New Testament pattern by holding the truth that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God.

With a clear mandate of bringing the transformational message of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples of our generation. OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES is NOT a church but a voluntary faith-based ministry. Our purpose is to train new leadership for the 21st-century church, community, and world.


God called me and my family out of a Hindu religious customs and cultures, we lived in idolatry and we served many gods and goddesses, where there is no truth and peace in what we do. My mother was a believer and used to pray secretly for the salvation of my entire family, my father was drunker; he encouraged people to serve the Hindu gods and make festivals and worship them as it was our tradition from our forefathers.

As the days gone by, one day pastor appeared at my home praying for my mother, and immediately my father took a knife and try to kill the Pastor, as my mother beg him to leave the Pastor, he just warned him don not come to my village and do convert the people into Christianity. So, the Pastor just left the village, my mother lost the fellowship with the church and pastor. She prayed at home and cries to God to save my entire family to know true God that she serves, I was just 10 years old and I am the only son to my parents out of six children.

One day, my father fell sick, there is no hope in him that he will live and take care of my family anymore, he totally lost his hope that he lives, he just take me to his bosom and began to speak with me, if I die, will you take care of your sisters and mother?. I don’t really understand what he says, at that time, when my mother hears such horrible words she began to cry, we all follow her, so she asked my father to pray for him, and his physical and spiritual healing, he hardly accepted to pray for. She began to pray and said to him, if my God heals you, and make you well, will you accept as your savior and believe in Him? he replayed yes.

She began to pray along with all the children when we prayed God answered our prayers and totally recovered from his physical, spiritual sickness and fear. for the response of His great result from God almighty, he owes to the lord, that I will give my only son to your glory and service, and dedicated to living for your glory. After a few days, in his dream, God spoke to him and said my servant will come, to you.

The next day, the pastor came to my home, and he begged and cried out on his feet asked forgiveness. And he took baptism and through him, my whole family and village, all my friends, relatives know God. When I grew and get good higher studies, my heart began to seek to do a job in order to take care of my family, to my concern serving God is just foolishness, no profit, or fame in the society, but my parents always remain me for what I am dedicated for,. I use to tell them that God has to call me as a person and talk to me, after my B.Com Degree, I got the police selection, and I am passed.

 I just told to my parents that I am selected; they felt very sorry for my decision and remained me many times that I am dedicated, to God. By force, they send me to a good Theological college and I paid all the fee and return to home after a weak. And I have begun to seek His will, I just had fasted for three days, and asked God, God has revealed me to be His servant and He will use me a mighty man to bring many to the cross and eternal life, many servants of God came to strengthen me and encourage, also from the scriptures God talks to me (Isa 61:1-3; james1:27).