In 2010, OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES was established under the visionary leadership of Gandham Buli Veerraju, who currently serves as the President. After completing his theological studies and graduating from a seminary, Veerraju developed a strong passion for reaching the unreached and training laymen for evangelization. He also felt a deep burden to assist the underprivileged and needy individuals within society. Even prior to the official establishment of OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES, Veerraju had been actively involved in various capacities since 1994.
Throughout his years of service, Veerraju dedicated himself to training men and women for evangelism and ministry purposes in different regions of India. His efforts led to the establishment of numerous churches in both urban and tribal areas, all with the aim of glorifying God. However, his heart remained unsatisfied, as he desired to reach more lost souls and fulfill his vision. As a result, Veerraju and his fellow believers embarked on the journey of founding OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES, which aimed to bring the message of Christ to the unreached.
Today, OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES plays a vital role in providing theological training at multiple locations. Numerous lay pastors and dedicated young individuals receive comprehensive training through the organization. These trained men and women actively engage in evangelism, church planting, and pastoral duties. Additionally, the ministry focuses on caring for helpless orphans and widows encountered in rural and tribal areas. The overarching goal and objective of OUR FATHER'S HOME MINISTRIES are to bring Christ to India, foster spiritual growth, promote unity, and contribute to social development, equity, and equality within society.

    • Services render to Aged people who are suffering without food, clothes, Medical Care/neglected by their kith kin without considering place, caste, and creed.

    • believes in word and deed when it comes to reality. Pure religion and undefiled before God and father.

    • Our aim is to reach unreached, people and all our co-workers are actively involved in Evangelism. It is the heartbeat

    • Because of their Backwardness tribals are victimized. Undeveloped, they have no roads and communications

    • Health improvement activities are totally nil and poor medical activities, countless diseases are devouring them.
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