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Target Group: We provide services to elderly individuals who are experiencing deprivation of basic needs such as food, clothing, and medical care. These services are extended to those who may be neglected by their family members, irrespective of their location, caste, or creed.

Introduction: Pastor Buli Veerraju, engaged in Gospel work, visited Nayakampalli and neighboring villages. During his visit, he noticed elderly women begging on the streets. Touched with compassion, he inquired about their backgrounds. The old women shared that they were content in their earlier days.

These individuals turned to begging due to neglect from their family members, and some even passed away in street corners without proper clothing. Motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, Pastor Buli Veerraju initiated the establishment of old age homes to provide food, shelter, medicine, and affection during their sunset years. Some of these elderly individuals chose not to return to their native places, opting to stay, live, and eventually pass away in the care provided by the old age homes.


**Approach to Strategy**

**Accommodation:** We offer spacious living quarters equipped with Western-style toilets, bathrooms, cots, beds, and consistent access to 24-hour electricity and water facilities.

**Physical Care:** Our commitment involves providing nutritious meals, seasonal clothing for warmth, blankets, towels, rugs, pillows, mosquito nets, soaps, and financial assistance for personal needs.

**Medical Care:** A dedicated medical team, comprising a doctor and two nurses, provides round-the-clock services. Regular medical check-up records are maintained, and prescribed tablets and tonics are administered. Supplementary food is provided based on doctors’ advice.

**Spiritual & Ethical Values:** We instill spiritual and ethical values by sharing the life stories and accomplishments of inspirational figures. Daily prayers are conducted both in the morning and evening, with Bibles and hymn books provided to strengthen their spiritual foundation.

**Intervention of Physiotherapy and Corrective Surgeries:** Recognizing the challenges faced by the elderly, such as joint and muscle pains, we intervene with orthopedic corrective surgeries and physiotherapy to improve their mobility.

**Ophthalmic Care & Vision Appliances:** Addressing common vision issues in the elderly, such as cataracts, we conduct cataract operations and provide spectacles to enhance their vision.

**Recreation:** Annually, we organize picnics and recreation programs to bring joy and entertainment to the lives of our residents.

**Funeral Service:** For elderly women who may have been neglected by their families and pass away in their sunset years, OURFATHERHOME MINISTRIES ensures a dignified burial and funeral service, respectfully performed by our ministry family.


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