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In 2010, OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES was founded by Gandham Buli Veerraju, who currently holds the position of President. Following the completion of his theological studies and seminary graduation, Veerraju cultivated a fervent commitment to reaching out to those who had not yet been reached and providing training for laymen in evangelization. Additionally, he carried a profound sense of responsibility to support the underprivileged and those in need within the community. Veerraju had been actively engaged in various capacities since 1994, even before the official establishment of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES.

Over the course of his service, Veerraju committed himself to the training of men and women for evangelism and ministry across various regions of India. His endeavors resulted in the establishment of numerous churches in both urban and tribal settings, all with the overarching goal of glorifying God. Despite these achievements, Veerraju’s heart remained unfulfilled, driven by a longing to reach even more lost souls and actualize his vision. In pursuit of this mission, Veerraju and his fellow believers embarked on the founding journey of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES, with the explicit aim of bringing the message of Christ to those who had not yet been reached.

Presently, OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES holds a crucial position in delivering theological education across various sites. A multitude of lay pastors and committed young individuals undergo extensive training facilitated by the organization. These equipped individuals actively participate in evangelistic efforts, establish churches, and fulfill pastoral responsibilities. Furthermore, the ministry dedicates attention to the well-being of vulnerable orphans and widows found in rural and tribal regions. The overarching mission of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES is to bring Christ to India, nurture spiritual development, foster unity, and play a role in advancing social development, equity, and equality in society.