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OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES, as it is recognized today, was established in July 2010. The visionary behind this initiative was Gandham Buli Veerraju, who currently serves as its president. Following his graduation from a theological seminary, Veerraju was driven by a passionate desire to reach the unreached and to provide training for laymen, dedicating himself to the discipline of individuals devoted to evangelization. Additionally, he felt a deep sense of responsibility to assist the underprivileged and needy in society through the platform of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES.

Prior to its formal establishment in 2010, Veerraju had been actively involved in various capacities since 1994. During this time, he served in different locations, primarily focusing on training men and women for evangelization and ministry purposes in India. His efforts contributed to the establishment of numerous churches in both plains and tribal areas, all aimed at glorifying God. Despite these accomplishments, Veerraju’s heart remained unsatisfied, fueling his desire to reach more lost souls and fulfill his vision.

In response to this unmet longing, Veerraju, alongside his fellow believers, initiated the founding of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES, a dedicated effort to reach the unreached for Christ and address the spiritual needs of the community.

Currently, OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES plays a pivotal role in disseminating theological training across multiple locations. Numerous lay pastors and committed young individuals are undergoing comprehensive training through the organization. These trained men and women actively participate in evangelism, church planting, and the pastoral care of various congregations. Beyond these endeavors, the ministry also extends its focus to providing assistance to helpless orphans and widows encountered in rural and tribal areas during its outreach.

The primary and overarching goal of OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES is centered on reaching India for Christ. Simultaneously, the ministry strives to foster spiritual maturity, promote unity, and contribute to social development, equity, and equality within society. Through its multifaceted approach, the organization seeks to address not only the spiritual needs but also the social concerns of the communities it serves.


We are the First Baptist Church, an evangelical, faith-based indigenous ministry located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Our mission is to restore the church to the New Testament pattern by upholding the belief that the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Operating with a distinct mandate, we are committed to delivering the transformative message of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples of our generation. It’s important to note that OUR FATHER’S HOME MINISTRIES is not a church but a voluntary faith-based ministry. Our overarching goal is to train new leadership for the 21st-century church, community, and the broader world.


God called me and my family out of the customs and cultures of Hinduism, where we lived in idolatry and served many gods and goddesses, finding no truth and peace in our practices. Despite my mother being a secret believer who prayed fervently for the salvation of our entire family, my father was deeply immersed in Hindu traditions, encouraging others to worship and serve Hindu gods through festivals—a tradition passed down from our forefathers.

As time passed, a pastor visited our home to pray for my mother. In response, my father, driven by anger, attempted to harm the pastor. Despite my mother’s pleas, the pastor decided to leave the village, leading to my mother losing fellowship with the church and pastor. Alone, she continued to pray for our family’s salvation. I was just 10 years old, the only son among six children.

One day, my father fell seriously ill, losing hope for his recovery. Realizing his condition, he asked me to care for my sisters and mother if he did not survive. Although I didn’t fully grasp his words, my mother, upon hearing them, began to cry and pleaded with my father to pray for both his physical and spiritual healing. Reluctantly, he agreed. My mother promised that if God healed him, he would accept God as his Savior. Miraculously, our prayers were answered, and he recovered both physically and spiritually. In gratitude, he vowed to dedicate his only son—me—to the service and glory of the Lord.

A few days later, God spoke to him in a dream, foretelling the arrival of a servant. True to the dream, the pastor returned, seeking forgiveness and ultimately leading my entire family, as well as our village, friends, and relatives, to know God. As I pursued higher education, my parents reminded me of my dedication to God. Despite my initial reluctance to serve God, I eventually surrendered, seeking His will through prayer and fasting.

After completing my B.Com degree and getting selected for a police job, I conveyed my decision to my parents. However, they insisted that I honor my dedication to God. Reluctantly, they sent me to a reputable theological college, where I paid the fees and returned home after a week. Through prayer and fasting, God revealed His plan for me to serve as His mighty instrument, bringing many to the cross and eternal life. Encouragement from fellow servants of God and scriptural guidance reinforced this divine calling (Isaiah 61:1-3; James 1:27).